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Huff v. National States Ins. Co., Case No. 10AC-CC00219, Circuit Court of Cole County Missouri

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT on November 15, 2010, a Judgment, Decree and Order of Liquidation with Finding of Insolvency (the "Judgment") was entered against National States, by the Circuit Court of Cole County, Missouri (the "Court") in Case No. 10AC-CC00219.

The Judgment found National States to be insolvent, terminated the rehabilitation proceedings concerning National States that had been pending since April 1, 2010, and appointed John M. Huff, Director of the Missouri Department of Insurance, as Liquidator of National States and Bruce E. Baty as Special Deputy Receiver of National States. The Liquidator was directed to take possession of the property, books, records and assets of National States and to administer them under the supervision of the Court. The Liquidator is vested by operation of law with title to all of the property, contracts and rights of action, and all books and records of National States, wherever located, and all other authority granted to the Liquidator under the Missouri Insurers Supervision, Rehabilitation and Liquidation Act, Mo. Rev. Stat. � 375.1150 et seq. ("Liquidation Act"). A copy of the Judgment can be found at the National States� website:

Consistent with Mo. Rev. Stat. � 375.1188, the Judgment enjoins the commencement, prosecution or further prosecution of any suit, action or other proceeding against or involving National States, its property or assets, the Liquidator or its former Rehabilitator, other than claims asserted as part of the Liquidation proceeding. All persons indebted to or having any property of National States in their possession, directly or indirectly, are hereby notified to tender an account of the indebtedness and to pay the same and deliver such property to the Liquidator.

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Claims Bar Date is 4:30 p.m. CST, November 15, 2011 (does not apply to policyholders)

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Order Prescribing Notice Requirements

National States Order dated October 8, 2010

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