What will happen to my policy?

Insurance coverage will continue and policy claims will be covered and paid by state insurance guaranty associations, subject to statutory coverage limits, which will either pay them directly or transfer the policies to a financially stable insurance company. You are required to continue to pay any premiums due under your policy in order to be eligible for coverage under your policy from your state insurance guaranty association.

Information as to Guaranty Associations and Coverage

Each state in which National States was licensed to do business has created a life and health guaranty association to provide protection for policyholders and beneficiaries of insolvent insurance companies, like National States, subject to certain statutory limitations. To the extent your policy is covered by a guaranty association, your policy shall continue in force for such period and under such terms as is provided by your guaranty association´┐Żs enabling statute and other applicable laws. Coverage provided by the guaranty associations will be subject to certain statutory caps and limitations applicable to each guaranty association. In order to ensure the continuation of any coverage to be provided by your guaranty association, you must continue to pay premium for the period of such coverage. Failure to make such premium payments could result in termination of coverage.

For more information about life & health guaranty associations, please visit www.nolhga.com